Advancing your Horseback Riding Skills

If you’re especially eager to advance your riding skills or reach your goals quicker, and you have the time, consider riding more than one lesson horse. Some students ride three or four horses a day, and of course they progress much faster. In some cases you maybe able to ride privately stabled horses that need exercising for their owners. Most owners though will only allow this exclusively for the more advanced riders and on the recommendation of your instructor.

These riders are perfectly prepared to be able to go a show and catch-ride an unfamiliar horse. Each horse that you ride will bring something different to the table for you as they all have different personalities and have different skill levels and you will have to adjust your riding skills to each individual horse.

horseback riding skills

Another way to advance, once you’ve mastered the basics, is to volunteer to ride a greener, less experienced horse. Often riding schools will have newer horses that aren’t yet ready for the school horse program. More advanced riders can work with these horses, seasoning them until they are ready to become regular lesson horses.

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Rugs and Blankets – Horse Care Tips

When the weather turns cold and wintery it is very easy for horse owners to want to keep their horses warm, dry and happy. When we walk outside and get a blast of icy cold air in our face our first reaction is to put on a coat and rug up to keep warm. We tend to want to do this with our horses as well. It’s very easy to compare our own winter comfort level to that of their horse and we tend to over rug them. Heat actually stresses a horse out more than cold conditions.

Depending on the weather conditions and what you use your horse for should determine if you rug him or not. If you are going to keep your horse in work through the winter months then it is best to rug him in a good quality waterproof turnout blanket even if he has access to shelter.
Some horses just naturally feel the cold and need to be rugged for their own comfort and look for them when it starts to turn cold. I have had a few like that who love their blankets and I have owned others who have made it a sport to see how quickly they can remove them!

horse blankets

After hard exercise even in the most chilliest of weather your horse is going to raise a sweat and get hot if his coat is allowed to get too thick. It’s very important that the horse be dried thoroughly after exercise and that the hair is brushed so that it stands up. This prevents the sweat from causing a chill, which can lead to illness. Would you like to be turned out into cold wintery conditions while still damp?

By brushing your horses hair up it provides insulation against the cold. Fluffy hair traps air and keeps the horse warm; hair plastered down flat or wet from rainy conditions lets body heat escape and that’s when horses get cold and miserable. A well exercised horse needs to be cooled out thoroughly then brushed to stand the hair up again before turning them back out.

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The Most Practical Horse Racing Tips Shared

If you’re into horse racing, your head’s probably spinning with hundreds upon hundreds of horse racing tips that will add money to your still somewhat voluminous bankroll. Well, you can go on ahead and fill your head up with odds, statistics, and information by the buckets. Don’t forget, though, that with practicality, comes sweet success.

One – This might sound somewhat sexist, but don’t bet on female horses – that is, fillies and mares. Take a look at horse racing records from the past few years and you’ll see that only geldings and colts ever win. This works on any kind of bet. Let history speak for itself.

Two –No matter how many times you call your horse race betting a ‘hobby’, it will always be gambling, no matter what. And because it is gambling, be very careful that you don’t make a habit out of it. You’ve heard the horror stories of gambling addicts, so don’t be one of them. Know that winning streaks will not last forever. You’ll always win some and lose some. Most of all, know where to draw the line. Quit while you’re still ahead.

Horse Racing Tips

Three – Of course, you like the idea of horse racing systems doing all the work for you. Who doesn’t? Before you invest everything you own in one system, however, remember that you won’t know if it will work for you until it does. Just because it worked for your friend, Bubba doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Don’t plunge into a system blindly. Start with small stakes, and if the system proves promising, progress into bigger stakes. Doing otherwise is a disaster waiting to happen.

Four – Look before you leap. Rushing into races head on is definitely not a good idea. You’ll end up with an empty bank, if you’re not careful.

Five – Be the ultimate observer. Look carefully to spot any trends and patterns that could help you. You don’t want to miss anything that’s been right under your nose all along.

Six – If you are betting on horses online it´s very important to do a good research before you choose your online casino. Check for reviews, bonuses and what type of games they are offering. I usually place my bets via AllPro and I am very happy with them.

Indeed, when it comes to horse racing, it’s often wise to start with what’s painfully obvious, but easily ignored.

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Could Too Much Exercise Ruin a Horse’s Chances of Victory

One thing that horse punters are especially concerned about is handicapping and with good reason. If you’re not studying the principles of handicapping, you’re essentially leaving money on the table. Oh, you didn’t think that I was going to tell you to just trust in what the announcer wants to promote, did you? They are in the business of getting you parted from your money. They will do and say anything in that vein, so it’s important not to get caught up. You want to focus on the sound principles of picking horses, not just going off whatever your gut says. If you hang around in enough forums, you’ll start hearing some good chatter form handicappers. For example, when you know that handicappers are going to start talking about a horse’s workout program, they are on to something big.

Could too much exercise ruin a horse’s chances of victory? The truth is that it definitely can be an issue. What you have to do is make sure that you’re not going after horses that are being run into the ground. Every trainer has a different view of what “running a horse into the ground” really means, but you do realize when a horse looks too tired. You can study their form and look at all of their races. Are they slowly losing places in a race? That’s a good sign that things aren’t going well for the horse. They might be sick, they might be nursing a mild injury, or they just might be getting worked too hard. Many trainers are going to be pretty quiet about it if it happens, but we punters can look at the data that we have and then figure out our next course of action.

Too Much Exercise

As long as you’re not going to get emotional about a horse, you have a chance to save your profits. I say this in almost every article, but there are punters that refuse to let go of a horse. This isn’t about your feelings. This is about cold hard cash. If that’s too much for you, then you really need to make sure that you aren’t investing good money into this game. Go and go something else — anything else, really. But if you’re going to bet on the horses for real money, then you need to start thinking like a serious punter. Talking about handicapping and studying the forms are two key activities that lead to serious money changing hands. There’s always money circulating in life — it’s up to you figure out how to make it flow towards you. That’s really all there is to it.

Good luck with all of your upcoming horse picks. Don’t waste your time with a horse that’s worn out. There are plenty of racehorses being bred, born, and trained for excellence. Don’t give up!

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Giving Yourself Limits in Horse Betting is a Very Good Thing – Here’s Why

You can’t trust yourself. I know it might sound odd to lead a horse betting article with this point, but if you had full trust over yourself, you wouldn’t be reading this guide. The reality is that we all should be careful with how we trust our limits when it comes to gambling. That doesn’t mean that you’re only two steps away from an addiction that you’re going to regret, but it does mean that you’re going to want to really step back and make sure that you know what you’re doing. If you find that you don’t really know when to stop gambling, you do need to step back for a while.

I’m talking about setting money limits for a different reason: so you can keep betting for longer periods of time. That doesn’t mean that you’re worried about developing an addiction to gambling. It just means that you’re in touch with your inner three year old.

You see, as children, we knew that we could devour something quickly, but it meant that we really wouldn’t want to let it go. We wanted to make sure that we had plenty of time to enjoy the activities of the day, even if it meant that we would have to eventually leave them behind. Going back to school, or to something our parents wanted just didn’t seem like it was going to be as much fun. Not nearly as much fun. Yet we soldiered on anyway, thinking only about how much fun we’re going to have.

Limits in Horse Betting

You’re a long way from those carefree childhood days, but you do have to star thinking about the type of life that you want to have within gambling as a whole. Horse betting is fun because you get to watch the races and it has its own community. But you have to stop and ask yourself just how far you really want to go with all of this. If you’re still thinking that you’re not sure, then you might as well set limits now. Why spend money if you’re not fully sure if you’re going to have the experience to go with it?

See, I told you this wouldn’t be the guide you were thinking it was going to be. I just want you to make sure that you’re having a good time, making a little money through forethought and strategy, and did I mention having fun enough? Our lives are so busy, so stressful and so hectic that there’s no doubt in my mind that we need to set the record straight. We need to stop assuming that our world is just going to wait for us to get everything together. We need to focus on more than that — much more than that.

Are you looking at the way everything is supposed to be, or are you just assuming that nothing is the way you want it? Just food for thought, in all honesty. Gambling should feel like entertainment, because that’s what it is. Extend that feeling by setting all of the right boundaries.

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Retirement Staking Plan

Devised by Australia’s leading (Grandstand) racing analyst, Barry Hughes, The Retirement Staking Plan is rated by professional punters and seasoned racers as one of the best staking plans. A very popular and effective staking plan, this one can keep your stakes reasonably under check. The staking plan is rather complex and once you’ve mastered its complications, you’ll note that this one has the potential to become one of your powerful tools. The retirement staking plan has been designed to reap profits when your level stakes bettings break even, without wrecking your bank balance like some high risk staking plans.

The driving factor behind the plan is that the stakes are based on the size of your bank as well as the average odds of the system winners. These stakes are not based on the price of individual selections which prevent losses from occurring if one of your picks has a particularly low odd. The system of The Retirement Staking Plan can be applied only to selections whose average odds are above the evens, in which your picks are recommend, as the betting odds on is the likeliest way to lose.

As is the case with a number of other plans, there is a gradual increase of the stakes with the losing selections so that you can recoup any of your previous losses. The safety measure in the plan is that if you do experience a long term loss, as is the case with the best tipsters, the system reaches a foolproof stage where the stakes do not rise, thus protecting your bank. Every time the cumulative bank balance rises by 200 units, the original target is increased by 10, which remains constant and is never reduced. All Barry had in mind when he was devising the plan is a staking plan that could stand long periods of outs and still achieve profits.

The bet sequence at Retirement Staking Plan is readjusted when a winning bet is made that causes the target to be lower than the original target. What Barry had in mind while formulating the staking plan was to initiate one that could recoup losses and show profits, even when the plan breaks even. In other words, over a period of time you might have had 80 bets for 25 winners, and you didn’t lose or win for that matter. He also looked for a staking plan that could stand long runs of outs and still attain speculative gains.

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Leasing a Horse

Many riders once they have had a ton of lessons and feel confident around horses want to move to the next step of horse ownership.  This is a big step and another option over buying a horse is to lease a horse.

I was going to buy my first horse and after searching found Shiloh and had him on a month trial but after he nearly putting me in hospital after the first week (even my riding instructor wouldn’t get on him) she found me a great pony to lease.  Ben was a 13.1 hh cremello, part Welsh pony and I knew this pony from local competitions and was over the moon to be able to have such a great opportunity.  His current owner had outgrown him and she couldn’t bear to sell him.

Leasing a horse

Leasing a horse is a great way to ‘trial’ horse ownership and if you are ready for it without the long term commitment of purchasing a horse.  If you find you don’t have the time, financial resources or you just change your mind the horse can be returned back to his owners at the end of the lease.

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Horse Care Winter Tips

So many winter accidents (both 2 and 4 legged) are avoidable and doesn’t take much planning or time to make it safer all round.

If you live in an area where it freezes make sure you check regularly for holes, hollows or just where horses stand. Any dips should be leveled out or filled in so that any rain or water that settles doesn’t turn to ice making it a slippery hazard.

During these cold months, you may want to consider moving your horse to a less hazardous place. Even when loading your horses or horses into their horse trailers, you’ll want to ensure that there isn’t any ice or slippery paths.

Horse care winter tips

A horse can seriously hurt itself if it slips and then tries to get up on the slippery surface. If the ice doesn’t break then a horse runs the risk of thrashing around trying to regain his footing and could quite easily break a leg. If the ice does break it can have the same effect as glass and cause some serious deep cuts.

Granular salt can help roughen up slippery surfaces but do so sparingly or only in extreme circumstances as it is caustic and irritating to their hooves and legs and winter and all its elements all ready put enough stress on them. Clean and dress their feet daily to keep them in good condition, it only takes a few minutes to do.

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Cheltenham Festival: Major Race Previews & Odds

The Cheltenham Festival for horse racing will be upon us in just about a month, marking one of the first major European events of the 2014 season. Known for packing a variety of competitions along with a festive fan atmosphere, the Cheltenham Festival always offers fun opportunities for those who enjoy watching and betting on high-profile events.

In looking ahead to some of this year’s biggest races, we’ll make use of the Betfair online betting odds and news updates regarding some of the favourite horses. While not every competition from the festival has posted odds, the marquee racing events’ odds will continue to be updated from now until the days on which the races are held—so here are some tips for those inclined to wager!


The Champion Hurdle

The St. James Champion Hurdle event is the marquee competition of the first day at Cheltenham, and it should be a very closely contested race this year. With the current betting odds, there are co-favourites for the Champion Hurdle, with horses The New One and Hurricane Fly both coming in at 1/3 odds to win. While it should be noted that Hurricane Fly is the defending champion, The New One is said to be in great form, which could mean this one truly is neck-and-neck.

Queen Mother Champion Chase

The highlight event of day two at Cheltenham (March 12), the Champion Chase should be particularly exciting this season due to the status of the favourite competitor, Sprinter Sacre. Sprinter Sacre is the defending champion of the event but was considered doubtful to compete again because an irregular heartbeat. As of now, Sacre is expected to race, and is the even-odds favourite. However, if you doubt the horse’s condition, second favourite Sire De Grugy has appealing 3/1 odds worth looking at.

Ladbrokes World Hurdle

Day three is more about St. Patrick’s for a lot of festival-goers, but the World Hurdle event is a great draw as well. Popular favourite Big Bucks will be back in the field this year after missing the event in 2013 and is slated as a 9/4 bet to win. Annie Power at 9/2 is a popular pick, too, and a capable upset contender, but many would argue it’s foolish to bet against Big Bucks!

Cheltenham Gold Cup

As always, the Gold Cup will cap off the festival, and this year’s favourite is Bobs Worth, with 11/5 odds to win, with Silviniaco Conti behind at 4/1. This is another case of a defending champion against a worthy challenger, but given the odds disparity Silviniaco Conti will likely become a trendy bet.

There are additional races to keep crowds entertained and betting activity will be present for each of them. But it’s these marquee events that make Cheltenham so enjoyable year in and year out—so watch out for these!

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The Champion Horse, Deconstructed

Are you looking at the best horse racing tips? You should be if you want to be a skilled punter. Betting on the big games is fun, and it’s very fast paced. You get to see horses and jockeys riding hard, going the extra mile…it’s beautiful, really.

But the bigger point here is that you need to look at how a champion horse actually comes to life. That’s what this article is all about.

First and foremost, all Thoroughbred horses have the same birthday, and they are always born on January 1st. If we’re talking about horses in the Southern Hemisphere, then it’s August 1st. Either way, you have a standardized birthday. There’s also something to be said about the racing itself. Horses are considered ready to go at a year old, which means that training will begin in earnest. Male and female horses are both considered fit for racing.

horse racing tips

Some animal rights activists worry about these horses, but there’s no need for real alarm. This is a breed of horse that’s been bred from the beginning to run on the tracks. If you’re looking at the sport in depth, there is some tragedy involved. Some horses hit the track and they just don’t make it. A broken leg can mean the end of what looks like an otherwise promising career. That’s not a good thing at all.

However, there’s something to be said about looking closer at the trainers and owners involved. Generally speaking, it costs a lot of money to raise and train horses. You have to really know what you’re doing. There is a reason why only a certain number of teams seem to be in the horse racing world for very long. The sheer cost to shelter great horses can be staggering. This is something that you do because you love it, you have the money for it, or you have someone that can sponsor your efforts.

The horses themselves are a wildcard as well. Not only do they have to survive training, but they have to be able to get ridden by just about any jockey at any time. Your jockey also has to be very good. The jockeying world is predominantly male, but there are female jockeys out there.

Speed is everything, but some in the industry are asking in general what the price is for all of that speed and all of that light weight. There are some horses that are a ticking time bomb in terms of health. Is that right? Perhaps not.

There’s always tweaks being made to the horse breeding cycle, in hopes that the next wave will create more beneficial features. Officials have mixed feelings on this, and rules are always in flux. But the benefits are just too good to pass up.

Thinking on all of this will definitely make you a better punter. Be sure that you at least look around some real horse racing portals to get more information.

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