Advancing your Horseback Riding Skills

If you’re especially eager to advance your riding skills or reach your goals quicker, and you have the time, consider riding more than one lesson horse. Some students ride three or four horses a day, and of course they progress much faster. In some cases you maybe able to ride privately stabled horses that need exercising for their owners. Most owners though will only allow this exclusively for the more advanced riders and on the recommendation of your instructor.

These riders are perfectly prepared to be able to go a show and catch-ride an unfamiliar horse. Each horse that you ride will bring something different to the table for you as they all have different personalities and have different skill levels and you will have to adjust your riding skills to each individual horse.

horseback riding skills

Another way to advance, once you’ve mastered the basics, is to volunteer to ride a greener, less experienced horse. Often riding schools will have newer horses that aren’t yet ready for the school horse program. More advanced riders can work with these horses, seasoning them until they are ready to become regular lesson horses.

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