Choosing Which Horse to Bet On

When you are betting on a horse race, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one to bet on. Here are some tips as to what to consider when you are making a William Hill horse racing bet.

Past form

It is worth considering the past form of the horse to see whether it may do well. Look at its general past form as well as whether it has taken part in this particular race in previous years and how well it did then. More recent form is probably more relevant than form from a long time ago, but it is all worth some consideration.

Horse to Bet On


Whether the ground is hard or soft can have an effect on how well the horse performs. It is often well known as to whether a horse performs better on certain surfaces. On the day of the race there will be an announcement as to what the ground is like so that will help the person placing the bet to decide.


The jockey can be as important as the horse when deciding whether the horse might win the race. Consider their experience generally and in that specific race before making a bet. It is also worth thinking about whether they have ridden that particular horse before.


The odds are important because they show what other people think about the chances of horses winning the race. People do say that the favourite doesn’t ever win, but actually they often do and they are the horse that most people think will win. You need to consider how much risk you want to take though because if you bet on the favourite you will get less money back if it does win. However, if you bet on a less popular horse, the odds will mean that you will get paid more money if that horse does win. You may prefer to have a chance of winning more but take more risk or you may prefer to have a better chance of winning any prize and take less risk.


You may find that you know people who are willing to give you tips on which horse might win the race. Some people do a lot of research and therefore have a lot of information; others tend to just get lucky. You may like to listen to tips or you may prefer to just make up your own mind.

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