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If you have been betting on horses for very long you probably already know that everyone seems to have another hot tip. You also probably know that if you rely on those hot tips you will be broke very quickly.

That is where we come in, luckily you can rely on us to deliver you consistent accurate information about the horse racing industry and most profitable betting strategies. With so many different factors to analyze you must learn to sift through all of the information and determine what are the most important factors to be considered.

It is our goal here at to deliver you reliable advice and handicapping information. We plan to bring you updated content on a regular basis and to hopefully help you improve your handicapping skills. We hope that you will come back and visit us often.

Whether you are new to horse racing, or an experienced veteran we hope to bring you information that can benefit your betting strategies. We plan to bring you articles to help you understand more about how to interpret past performances and how to look for winning patterns.


Past performances are very good indication of a horse’s current form. Most horses go through cycles and are more likely to win at different points in the cycles. By analyzing the horse’s current form you can try to determine where the horse is in the current cycle in hopes of determining if he’s more likely to perform at his best in the next race.

Another important factor that must be analyzed is class. An extreme example of this would be if you took a high school baseball pitcher and had him pitch to eight and nine year old kids. He would most likely dominate and strike them out every time, but if you put that same picture against major-league batters he most likely wouldn’t be able to strike out any of them. So you must analyze if a horse is running against stronger or weaker competition then he normally does.

There are several additional important factors such as the length of the race, along with the expected speed and pace of the race. These factors can have a large impact on how different horses perform in these races. For example a speed horse who normally likes to be out in the front doesn’t like to be pressured by another speed horse. If there are several speed horses in the same race is likely that they will push each other into an extremely fast pace early. If this happens they are more likely to tire and slowdown allowing a closer to come in and win the race late.

All of these factors and more must be considered before placing any bets. Another important factor is that we haven’t even mentioned is the surface of the race. Is the race on the turf, or is it on the dirt? If it is on the dirt is it on real dirt or is it on a synthetic dirt?

Welcome to the exciting and sometimes unpredictable world of horse racing. We hope to teach you about how to have fun and win money at the same time. There is nothing more exciting than watching your horse run to victory and then going to get your money.

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