Leasing a Horse

Many riders once they have had a ton of lessons and feel confident around horses want to move to the next step of horse ownership.  This is a big step and another option over buying a horse is to lease a horse.

I was going to buy my first horse and after searching found Shiloh and had him on a month trial but after he nearly putting me in hospital after the first week (even my riding instructor wouldn’t get on him) she found me a great pony to lease.  Ben was a 13.1 hh cremello, part Welsh pony and I knew this pony from local competitions and was over the moon to be able to have such a great opportunity.  His current owner had outgrown him and she couldn’t bear to sell him.

Leasing a horse

Leasing a horse is a great way to ‘trial’ horse ownership and if you are ready for it without the long term commitment of purchasing a horse.  If you find you don’t have the time, financial resources or you just change your mind the horse can be returned back to his owners at the end of the lease.

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