Previous Grand National Winners – Part 2

Seagram 1991

In 1991 the Grand National was sponsored by Seagram Distillers. That should have told everyone something when a horse called Seagram turned up at 12-1 beating the favoured 7-1 chance Garrison Savannah.

Seagram 1991

The subsidary of Seagram Distillery were called Martell Cognac – ring any bells? From 1992 the National was sponsored by Martell but as yet, no horse with that name has sprung up.

Party Politics 1992

The 1992 National was not just about the race but about the General elections which were to be held a few days after the race. Ironically Party Politics won the race at odds of 14-1 and ridden by the very experienced Carl Llewellyn.

Party Politics 1992

15-2 favourite Docklands Express came fourth but it what one of those Nationals that you felt what was going on in the country, that Party Politics would be the only winner. Some may remember the race when after the 12th fence, the public on that side came rushing across to get to the finish line. An amazing sight.

Memory of Q. Felger – 23rd April 2009 – UK

I remember all the politics going on with John Major and Thatcher which is why I chose Party POlitics, it was pretty obvious it was going to win although I should have backed it more at the time, I paid the 9% stake at the time of the bet but it’s only when the winner comes in that you think I should have placed more on it. I know that’s always the way but I with something like Party Politics happening at the time of the race you should realise this it going to be it. Still had fun although I will always regret not placing more money on him.

Memory of A. Onjo – May 16th 2009 – London

Me and my husband were in New York for this race and because of the time difference we were watching the race at breakfast! It took a while to find a place that would show it, but where theres people theres always an Irish O’Neils bar. God bless them.

1993 VOID

Everyone will remember the mal-organisation of the 1993 Grand National, the false start, the flag raised but not flying. Of 39 horses that started this race only 9 stopped, the other 30 went round as normal, jumping and negotiating fences, some other jockeys were informed by which time it was too late.

1993 Grand National

The day started with Animal Rights protestors on the track, then certain horses were became entwined in the starting tape meaning there were two false starts prior to the third and final start. Esha Ness was the first horse to cross the line ridden by John White who believe even after crossing the line that others had fallen and he had won the race.

Memory of H. Brown – May 22nd 2009 – Ireland

To this day I am sure if the race had run its correct course I would have won big this time. Must have been a very difficult day for the bookmakers.

Memory of U. Potter – 20th April 2009 – Ireland

In a strange way I got quite excited about this race as the horse I had picked(cannot remember the name) was a 150-1 shot and was one of about 10 horses that did not go round.

There was talk that the race would be re-run, possibly with the remaining horses, and as I had taken the price each way I felt I had a good chance.

Unfortunately for me that was not the case and the whole race became void, it must been really embarrassing for the staff as I felt it was they that balls’d it up. At least the bookies were so king to pay all the bets back. I could imagine them trying to pull a sneaky one out of that.

Miinnehoma 1994

Owned by the very funny comedian Freddie Starr, Miinnehoma won the 1994 Grand National by a length and one quarter to ‘Just So’. 36 started the race with only six finishing the Aintree course.

Miinnehoma 1994

Snow and rain meant the conditions were not ideal for most horses but with Miinnehom and Just So fighting it out at the end it was memorable enough to class this as one of the best, if not to look at for weather reasons but for the jockeys and horses.Memory of S. Corrigan – 23rd April 2009 – UK

I actually saw Freddie Starr before the race, I didn’t know he owned a horse and he told me his horse had a small chance because the weather was so bad, he was so funny telling jokes to those around him, everyone was in stitches, I remember there being a sort of aura about him, as if he was special, I was so glad his horse won.

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