Retirement Staking Plan

Devised by Australia’s leading (Grandstand) racing analyst, Barry Hughes, The Retirement Staking Plan is rated by professional punters and seasoned racers as one of the best staking plans. A very popular and effective staking plan, this one can keep your stakes reasonably under check. The staking plan is rather complex and once you’ve mastered its complications, you’ll note that this one has the potential to become one of your powerful tools. The retirement staking plan has been designed to reap profits when your level stakes bettings break even, without wrecking your bank balance like some high risk staking plans.

The driving factor behind the plan is that the stakes are based on the size of your bank as well as the average odds of the system winners. These stakes are not based on the price of individual selections which prevent losses from occurring if one of your picks has a particularly low odd. The system of The Retirement Staking Plan can be applied only to selections whose average odds are above the evens, in which your picks are recommend, as the betting odds on is the likeliest way to lose.

As is the case with a number of other plans, there is a gradual increase of the stakes with the losing selections so that you can recoup any of your previous losses. The safety measure in the plan is that if you do experience a long term loss, as is the case with the best tipsters, the system reaches a foolproof stage where the stakes do not rise, thus protecting your bank. Every time the cumulative bank balance rises by 200 units, the original target is increased by 10, which remains constant and is never reduced. All Barry had in mind when he was devising the plan is a staking plan that could stand long periods of outs and still achieve profits.

The bet sequence at Retirement Staking Plan is readjusted when a winning bet is made that causes the target to be lower than the original target. What Barry had in mind while formulating the staking plan was to initiate one that could recoup losses and show profits, even when the plan breaks even. In other words, over a period of time you might have had 80 bets for 25 winners, and you didn’t lose or win for that matter. He also looked for a staking plan that could stand long runs of outs and still attain speculative gains.

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