Standardbreds vs. Thoroughbreds – Know Your Horses

Knowing your horses is very important when you’re trying to bet on different horse races. Knowing the difference between Standardbreds used in harness racing and Thoroughbreds used in what most know as “horse racing”.

Before we begin comparing, you have to understand that both breeds are very good. You’ll find winning horses in both categories. They are separated — you will not find Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds in the same race. However, each horse category has its own allure.

Standardbreds are FAST — they are bred that way, and they are here to stay. They have to meet a certain speed standard in order to be registered in the first place. They have refined, solid legs, with powerful shoulders and hindquarters. They are also known for having a long body and being very muscular. They have to be — they will be pulling a sulky as part of harness racing.

They are known for their excellent temperament as well. Many horse enthusiasts lean towards the Standardbreds in terms of investment, for a few different reasons. Many Standardbreds get better with age, while Thoroughbreds tend to run for less time.

Standardbreds vs. Thoroughbreds

Now then, that’s not to say that thoroughbreds don’t carry their own prestige. The racing world for Thoroughbreds is HUGE. You will never run out of opportunities to bet on them, and they will return some good results if you make your bets right.

Strong handicapping methods are needed to make your bets pay off properly. You do not want to get caught making the bets off the gut. Emotion is not a good key to success in the horse betting world.

Look up some old racing data before you get too excited about either type of racing horse. You might find that you lean more towards harness racing than flat racing with Thoroughbreds, but it’s completely up to you.

As a side note, you should find a sportsbook that accommodates both types of racing. If you have to give up harness racing online, though, it’s not the end of the world. You can always go offline for this. However, in recent years both racing worlds are represented at the top sportsbooks in the world. Check them out and see where you want to go.

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