The World Didn’t End Merely Because Orb Didn’t Win the Preakness

Okay, we have to be honest: so what if there’s no Triple Crown winner contender this year? Horse racing is more than just the Triple Crown. Hello, isn’t anyone excited for the Breeder’s Cup? Isn’t anyone thinking about how much fun it would honestly be to bet on some of those contenders? Even if a horse loses say, the Preakness, the fact that they even got to compete on that level is amazing.

Would you really ignore someone that competed in the Olympics just because they didn’t win a gold medal? Of course not. Even if they went back to their home countries with nothing but a smile and a wink, we should still be happy for them. Competing on such a high level isn’t for everyone. That’s the same concept found in the world of horse racing. You aren’t going to just be able to win your bets all the time, you’re going to have to exercise patience. On the other hand, you still must ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. Culling horses from your rotation isn’t always appreciated, but it’s a good thing.

Triple Crown winner

The Breeder’s Cup will be here soon, which is another reason to tune in. There are also races in England that are coming into view. Are you just going to give up on horse betting merely because Orb didn’t win the Preakness but Oxbow did?

Some hotshot sports commentators are saying that this win actually kills the horse industry. The truth is that horse racing will be around to stay. It is highly unlikely that one win is going to upset anything at all. In fact, it’s more likely that things are just going to continue or remain the same.

Yes, there are great changes to be made, and they will be made. A lot has already changed. But if you’re going to get preachy and quit horse racing over one race merely because your horse didn’t win, it’s pretty easy to call you a sore loser and get away with it. No, really, it’s true. You have to be committed to the sport. That’s where you’ll make amazing horse betting plays. The more that you can play strategically, the more successful that you will be. Handicapping isn’t perfect, but it really does beat just sitting with your butt on your hands. Good luck!

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